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Talents Management

Synergis believes the quality and commitment of its staff is the single most important factor in sustaining its leadership position in the market. We have developed a Talent Management Model that is unique to Synergis, and is used for recruiting the right people, developing and retaining high-caliber staff.

Talents Management Model

Our Human Resources Management Philosophy is – "Every Manager is a Human Resources Manager". Through a series of well-structured training programs, our managers are trained to:

  1. Identify Talented Employees
  2. Attract Quality Employees
  3. Fully Utilize Employees' Capabilities
  4. Reward Talented Employees
  5. Develop Employees to Their Fullest Potential
  6. Retain Talented Employees

We also invest continually in Training and Development to help our staff perform well in their current roles and prepare them for future challenges and opportunities.

Our long tradition of caring for our staff is reflected in a number of the awards that have come its way. Over the years, Synergis has been selected as the "Best Employer in Hong Kong" and one of the top 10 " The Best Employers in Asia".We were also awarded the Silver Prize of "Award for Excellence in Training" from the Hong Kong Management Association and "Good People Management" from the Labour Department of the HKSAR government.

Besides, the company was being awarded at Manpower Developers by the Employees Retraining Board in 2011, 2013 and 2015, the award is subject to renewal every two years. The company has again being recognized as Manpower Developers in 2017, advocating the company’s contribution in talent development.

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