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Company Overview

Synergis Holdings Limited (Stock code: 2340)(Synergis) is at the forefront of asset management services in Hong Kong and Chinese mainland. Our services span every stage of the property development process, from pre-management and consultancy, through pre-sale promotion and leasing, to management and maintenance of a competed building and facility. We provide our clients a total solution.

Founded in 1978, Synergis was the first company of its kind listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003. We today employ over 5,000 staff and manages about 90,000 residential units and 10 million square metres of residential, commercial and industrial facilities from both the public and private sectors. Our customers include private residential owners and owners corporations, government organizations, educational institutions, landlords, developers and investors.

In 2012, Synergis acquired the Interiors and Special Projects business which is a synergistic acquisition to Synergis' existing renovation, alteration and additions, and repair and maintenance business.

Total Solutions

Asset Management Services
We provide our clients with professional asset management solutions and investment advice that enables us, in partnership with our clients, to review portfolios and make recommendations on maximizing asset value. Service scope includes pre-development feasibility studies and market positioning, post-development marketing, sales and leasing, tenancy management, promotion, advertising and financial management etc.
Property Management Services
We handle the daily operational needs of a property, providing a safe and comfortable living and working environment for occupiers. We act as the manager of the common areas of a property, handling all aspects of security, daily repair and maintenance of common areas, contract management and landscaping.
Facility Management Services
Through our facility management services, we manage workplaces and facilities, providing vital support services that helps streamline clients’ business activities. We are able to operate facilities with optimal efficiency and significantly reduce costs in the process.
Interiors and Special Projects
We are a licensed contractor, a registered general building contractor and a registered specialist contractor (demolition works, site formation works, repair and restoration of historic buildings works) offering a complete solution, from planning, design, consultancy, project management through construction, to turn-key interior design and fitting, A&A, demolition, renovation, conservation and maintenance works. Moreover, an integral part of our business is construction of special building projects and very often, such projects include customized fitting out works.
Building Consultancy and Improvement Works Services
We maintain optimum building condition and enhance building value through our unique Synergis Building Life Cycle Maintenance Model, which is a one-stop preventive maintenance and proactive improvement management approach.
Carpark Management Services
We provide comprehensive car park management services. Equipped with a modern fleet of patrol cars, we offer security inspections that ensure a secure parking environment. To boost occupancy rates and drive up revenue for the car parks, we also offer innovative promotional plans and pricing solutions.
Corporate Real Estate Services
We offer a full range of corporate real estate and facilities management services to corporate occupiers in the Chinese mainland and through the international network globally. With more than 6,000 staff in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, our broad coverage integrates with a range of complimentary services including project management, contracting and asset management.
Investment Advisory and Lifestyle Services
Our one-stop-shop service offers high net worth individuals the opportunity to select from a broad range of real estate investment and other unique products including fund placement, commercial and residential real estate services, EB5 investment opportunities, private golf club membership, concierge services, visa consulting, education consulting etc.
Capital Markets Advisory Services
We provide investment advisory and execution services to large scale organizations working in the Chinese mainland interested in investing in real estate assets or projects abroad. Through our relationship with US-based real estate Binswanger and Kidder Mathews and our strong global and regional network we have access to multiple unique opportunities and in markets globally.
Other Supporting Services
Our clients are supported by a number of our subsidiaries, which provide a range of professional and cost-effective services. These include cleaning services, security solutions, materials purchasing and laundry services.